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Vertical Horizon is awesome

Alrighty.. major huge fan here... but a couple questions that I'm too lazy to put forth the money to find out.
The single cd's released in '99 and '00 each had one of the older songs on them. Were these the original Running On Ice versions of these songs, the Live Stages versions, or versions we have not heard before?
Also, were any of you guys there the night Live Stages was recorded at Ziggy's in 1996?
Thanks! Looking forward to posting more.
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I have the EYW single. the songs on there are from the same days that live stages was taped. havent listened to them in a while to know if they are the same version on ls though. but for the second cd i dont have a clue.
i wasnt at ziggies for LS. wish i was. but at that time i didnt even know who they were. but i think there are a few people floating around the footprints group over at yahoo that were there.

LS was really the first cd i heard of VH, right before i went to see them in concert in elizabethtown. only after seeing them in concert did i become an obsessed fan! i had a friend that saw them when LS was recorded...he said that the concert was almost cancelled due to a major snowstorm!

i wanna see em again...
Cool. Yeah, they talk on the '99 tour book DVD about the storm that was headed through while they were recording live stages.
Hey well thats awesome that we're all obsessed fans here. haha!