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Hi everyone! I'm Tom (better known as SwiftY2K on the Liberty forum) and a huge fan of Vertical Horizon since 2000. I haven't been able to see them in concert as I live in The Netherlands but I have heard a lot of live recordings so I know what the band is like on stage :) If you wanna talk about VH or other stuff that I'm interested in (take a look at my profile), let me know :)

Tom :)
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Your username is so sad! :)
Welcome Tom ^_^ I'm Kait (AngelWithoutWings) on Liberty
welcome :)
Thanks everyone :) Hi Kait, nice to see you here as well :)
Welcome! This is Paul aka Broken Dream on Liberty
word up, weetzie.bat=me
hey Paul (and Jess, but I knew that already ;)), good to see you here too :)
*waves* Hi Tom! *points at my username* On liberty, too.