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I´m new!

Hello Guys!
I´m new here (in Community and in Live Journal), but I´m very very very fan of Vertical Horizon, mainly Matt Scannell!
My name is Drika, I´m brazilian, I have 16 years old, and my favorites musics of Vh are : Best I ever had, Forever, It´s over, Santa and Great Divide.
Here, in Brazil, don´t have nothing about the guys (cd, informations, or anything), and I hope the persons here can help me to know information about the band.
Sorry my bad english, i hope you understand me...
I´m member of Liberty and Footprints, I don´t know Vh have others message boards...
Well I have a question : Matt is single, nowdays?
If anybody wanna photos about the guys i have more 450 in my computer!!
Ok...Is this
Take in!
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